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Having a pre-existing medical condition does not automatically mean you will be unable to obtain travel insurance, or that it will be too costly. It is extremely important, however, that all medical conditions are declared when you apply for travel insurance. It doesn’t matter how insignificant the condition may seem, do not leave anything out – even high cholesterol. Your medical conditions may seem insignificant to you, but as far as the insurers are concerned they are all important. Some conditions, when combined with others, pose a greater risk.
Never neglect to mention a condition for fear that the company will not insure you, or because it may cause the premium to be increased. If you fail to declare a pre-existing medical condition and a problem arises you risk having any related claims denied. Emergency medical treatment is very expensive in most parts of the world (especially the U.S.) and could mean a hefty bill.
You may feel it is unfair and that you are being penalized for having a medical condition. However, consider the benefits of insurance if a problem arises. In most cases it would cover hospital bills for treatment and medication, as well as medical repatriation if needed. In some serious cases, a patient may need to be flown home on a stretcher with a medical escort. This involves serious money!
When you apply for travel insurance online, the company will have some type of medical screening system built into the website, or you may have to make a call to a medical screening company. They will ask a series of questions and it is important to answer accurately and honestly. It is also important to declare if you are on a hospital waiting list for any procedure. Obviously, you should not travel against medical advice as doing so could result in the denial of any related claims. Read more…