Visiting Pink City of India

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Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and one of the most beautiful cities in India. It is famously known as the Pink City of India because most of the buildings in the old city are colored in pink or pink shades. The city preserves its age old charm at the same time it is one of the fast moving cities as a modern city. This beautiful city was found by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh Ii to shift his capital from Amber to a new place. It is the first planned city of India built according to Shilp Sharstra – the ancient Hindu dissertation on architecture. This is beautiful city has been today a world famous tourist destination with many attractions especially magnificent forts, palaces and heritage hotels. The broad avenues and gorgeous gardens add to beauty of the city.
Jaipur presents extreme contrast on its streets. On one side you have luxury cars, deluxe buses, and motorbikes, on the other side you can see camel carts on the streets of Jaipur city. On one side you can see traditionally dressed men in colorful turbans and women in colorful long skirts (called Ghaghra) and blouse (Choli). On the other side you can see modernly dressed boys in jeans and t-shirts and girls in modern outfits taking a bite in their favorite modern restaurants. You can see many modern buildings standing alongside with old palatial palaces. You can see posh showrooms and on the other you can see vendors on the streets selling Rajasthani handicrafts, shoes or jewellery. Read more…

Dubai Industry

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True to the vision of the ruler and Government of Dubai, this tiny emirate has been transformed from a sleepy fishing village to one of the most robust metropolitan cities on the planet. A lot of people come to Dubai to live and work and that is what the hotel industry depends upon. A steady influx of people is the best indicator that the tourism, entertainment and hotel industry can have. Having little or no oil resources of its own, Dubai has largely depended on travel and tourism to spur its growth. Other than that, the city has built itself into a viable offshore location for regional and international business conferences. It has the infrastructure and style to support the needs of the best international customers.
The Government’s move to allow freehold properties in 2002 has reaped benefits for Dubai’s economy. It has catapulted this once little known desert land into worldwide prominence, as foreign investors from all over the world converged on Dubai to set up businesses and projects of every description and style. Donald Trump, Gary Rhodes and a host of other well known celebrities from all over the world have come to set their mark of elegance on the shores of Dubai. Among Dubai’s well known projects are (1) the Dubai Marina, the world’s largest man made marina; (2) the three Palm Islands at Jumeirah, Deira and Jebel Ali, made from reclaimed land; and (3) the World, another sea based project in the middle of the water. As if that was not all, Dubai has constantly relished a taste for the largest, the biggest and the best, courtesy of its planners and developers. It’s no wonder that many think that Dubai has over extended itself and got into a repayment crisis and a credit crunch. While it is true that some of it was triggered by the worldwide recession, Dubai cannot totally absolve itself of the blame. Read more…