Knowing the Vacation Club you are Investing

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Before you invest in a company’s stocks, you should try to learn more about the company. It’s no different when you invest your money in timeshare memberships.  There are quite a lot of timeshare vacation club choices out there.  In fact, just about all the major resort hotels offer timeshare options and your investment decisions can be made more difficult by the fact that all the major ones have a timeshare presence in the most popular resorts locations on the planet.  But leave to a few like Geo Holidays to showcase a solid reputation on top of more features that certainly give more value to your investment.

The Ontario-based Geo Holidays is one of the most popular timeshare vacation clubs in North America.  When a company boasts of more than 25 years in the timeshare business and more than 25,000 individual members and 10,000 family members who take 50,000 vacations annually, you know you’re looking at a solid company that will be there for at least another 25 years.  Check out its website and immediately get the feel that a vacation resort club that has more than 65 resort locations in 22 countries, each providing top accommodation luxuries that puts emphasis on the lifestyles of its clients, whether on a budget or all the way out, is a company that cares for its members.

Moreover, if Geo Holidays can sponsor local charities and charitable organizations like The Kidney Foundation of Canada, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Rotary International, Boys and Girls Club and the Children’s Wish Foundation, it must have the heart to take care of its customers as well.