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Located in Queensland Australia, the coast of Whitsunday is a magical region that any travel enthusiastic person must visit. It is a perfect destination point for both romance and adventure. The ocean at this place appears endless and inviting. As such, there are so many enjoyable activities that you can do here and enjoy one of the greatest holidays you can ever imagine. Whitsunday is a prime destination for travelers offering world class accommodation facilities. Visitors have so many choices to choose from when it comes to stay areas ranging from island lodgings to simple motels, resorts and even modern hotels. Camping facilities are also available for people who like spending their time in the outdoors.

For the adventurous travelers, you get a lucrative option of combining your activities together with accommodation and even enjoy an overnight sailing Whitsundays. Regardless of your travel budget, you will always find a suitable facility to stay even if it is in the luxurious hotels or in a hostel. There are hotels, apartment rentals, island resorts as well as bed and breakfast stays.

Whitsunday is a home of numerous activities and you will never get bored during the trip. Possibilities for activities and adventures are limitless starting from sailing to ocean swimming and snorkeling and scuba diving. Sleeping in the reefs overnight will leave you thrilled as you also get a chance to watch the whales and spot crocs. All types of adventurers and travelers are possible in Whitsunday even for big and small budget visitors.

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